Attention Christian Parents.. You don't have to face parenting challenges alone.

Find Peace and Certainty in Your Parenting Journey:

Embrace Calm, Confident, and Faith-Driven Parenting with The Calm & Confident Club

Don't let stress and overwhelm prevent you from creating the family life you've been praying for.

Instead, get all the tools, tips, and resources you need to turn your chaos into calm and your confusion into confidence.


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You're tired of..

❌ Feeling stressed, on edge, and craving peace

❌ Wondering if your approach reflects your Christian values and the lessons you want to instill in your children

❌ Feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of life and family

❌ Feeling guilty for not giving your family the best version of yourself

❌ Lacking direction, structure, consistency, and clarity on parenting strategies that will work long-term

❌ Worrying if you're building a strong enough connection with your children, one that will stand the test of time

You're tired of..
You want to create peace..

You want to create peace in your family to.. 

  • Be the best parent you possibly can be
  • Feel confident and clear in your decisions
  • Feel equipped to navigate conflicts and challenges effectively 
  • Build enduring, strong bonds with your children
  • Create a home environment built on peace, trust, love, and connection
  • Maintain a sense of control and efficiency that prevents stress and chaos
  • Raise good human beings who are strong in their faith

Meet Your Coach

Katy B.

Hi there! I'm a fellow Christian parent, the founder of Covenant Collections Christian parenting company, and a certified parenting & family coach. 

Today, I'm truly living as the best version of myself for those I love the most. I'm able to confidently guide my family through life's ups and downs, creating a home filled with peace, love, efficiency, and a deep sense of connection.

Meet your coach, Katy


I'll be honest with you.. 

Getting to this place wasn't easy.

  • I had to admit I needed help (recovering-perfectionist, not an easy task)
  • I had to accept that I couldn't do it all well without making some changes ("Are you sure you can't just ...try harder?!")
  • I had to accept that facing the stress and overwhelm of today must come before strategies and planning for the future (I tend to be very future-focused and have to intentionally ground myself to the present.)
  • I had to reframe, "But I don't have time!" to "I can make time, and I will prioritize what matters most.

I've walked the path of uncertainty and stress, and I've faced the same challenges you're experiencing now.

Through this journey, I've discovered and finetuned strategies that not only accomplish these goals but also align with our Christian values – strategies that I'm so excited to share with you.

My mission is to empower you to become the calm, confident, and faith-driven parent you aspire to be. Together, we'll face the complexities and blessings of family life, using principles grounded in Scripture and proven coaching techniques.

Every single piece of this process was so worth it,


I'll be forever grateful that God led me here.

Where is God leading you?

Before I found the right path, I tried...

❌ Consistency in my approach, but this only gets you so far if your approach isn't the right approach.

❌Various discipline methods that other parents recommend, but they didn't feel aligned with my strengths, my beliefs or my child's needs.

❌ Adjusting my expectations and being more passive, but it just felt like chaos. I worried I wasn't raising my child up on the right path.

❌ Following advice to make more time for me, because you can't pour from an empty cup. True, but I didn't have enough time as it was, and spending any of it focused on myself just led to more guilt.


Mom guilt

 But there was hope.. 

In my search for the best parenting approach- I found "gentle parenting".

Finally, I could create the kind of nurturing, understanding, and peaceful environment I desperately wanted to raise my son in.

I started to see improvements: better behavior, less yelling, more hope.. I thought I had found the secret to effective, stress-free parenting that didn’t require harsh discipline, hypocrisy, or relating to the, “I’m losing it, I can’t do this anymore!” moms.

While this felt promising at first, the appeal soon started to fade, and reality set in.

Our same old challenges resurfaced and felt even more daunting after the initial success.

I felt like I had to practically dissociate to provide the level of patience required for the simplest of tasks. (& I'm someone accustomed to being complimented for my patience, so enter --> massive guilt, feelings of failure and imposter syndrome!)

Even the things we used to have under control started to feel like negotiations and burdens. Our bond was suffering because I wasn’t being a strong leader. I was bending over backwards to give respect and not earning any. How did that make sense?


One step forward, three steps back

It felt like one step forward, three steps back. 

As my faith journey and relationship with God grew stronger, I felt more and more unaligned with this approach.

Yes, the foundation of gentle parenting is love, patience, and respect.. but what about our human nature as sinners? Their behavior isn't always just a product of our failures or their environment. The pressure, guilt, and stress were too heavy. 

It felt impossible to create the environment, mindset, or approach I needed to be the best version of myself for my son. I didn't want to be stressed and exhausted all the time. I didn't want to yell, blame, or beg.

I wanted the peace that surpasses all understanding, and somehow, I was back to square one.

Desperately desiring all the same things as before: clarity, confidence, peace, structure… and having none of them.


& That's when it hit me.. 

The answer was right in front of my face the entire time, just waiting for me to finally lay control down.. open my eyes.. and surrender.

Once my faith journey fell into full alignment with my parenting journey, God stepped in to pick up the pieces of the mess I'd made.

I literally lead people for a living, in my career, and then come home and give 10x less confident and effective leadership to my own child? 

The child that God chose and trusted me to raise.

How could I possibly follow a path suggested by the world and for the world.. and expect it to deliver God-level results in my home?


So, finally.. 

I put it all in His hands, let God lead me every step of the way, and incorporated biblical guidance, Holy Spirit insight, proven-leadership strategies, and intuitive parent-child bonding methods to completely transform my faith, my life, my parenting, and my home,

& as a result,

  • Conquered my stress
  • Found clarity I'd never felt before
  • Established resilience to carry me through
  • Built a foundation of true structure and balance
  • Transformed my confusion into confident leadership
  • Fostered unbreakable, enduring bonds within my family

& ultimately created the peaceful, efficient home full of faith, love, and connection that I'd prayed desperately for - which allows me to thrive & show up as the very best version of myself for the people I love the most.

Now, I get to help others do the same!

Peace and Clarity are part of God's plan for you! & the enemy is shaking in his boots because he knows you have an unstoppable calling on your family


I can't even imagine.. 

How much easier, faster, or more fun these breakthroughs in my life & family would've been if I'd had access to something like this when I felt so lost

So, how about you?

Do you find yourself desperately wanting to create true peace in your family?

To overcome chaos, embrace calm, and create a more balanced and efficient home—so that you can nurture a loving environment where your children (and you!) thrive?

Where you can fulfill your God-given role as their parent with peace, joy and confidence?!


3 John 1:4

The Best Thing?

I was able to tap into the years of education, training, and experience from my professional career to find tried-and-true, tested methods that can be tailored to each individual parent and each individual child. 

I've sat through countless hours of leadership, communications, and strategy training, and it occurred to me that these methods that work for all different kinds of unique leaders and teams -- actually have a lot in common with the parenting journey. 

Billions of dollars are spent every single year on research to ensure these methods are the best possible methods to lead groups of unique individuals to shared goals.

Tapping into that knowledge and tailoring it to the parents' experience is my expertise. 

Mix in biblical foundations, core work to overcome stress and overwhelm, and the essential necessity of creating lifelong connections with our children..


& That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to..

A membership of Christian parents: Offering Expert Coaching, Training, LIVE Calls, and a supportive community to improve your results

Welcome to..

The Calm & Confident Club

A hub designed for Christian parents- with a thriving community, training, resources, and more!

If you are dedicated to raising your children with love, faith, and intentionality- and are ready to tap into your most calm and confident self as a parent- this is for you!

Inside of this exceptional, all-inclusive, designed-for-you membership, you can expect:

  • A faith-aligned foundation
  • Proven, research-backed strategies
  • Step-by-step support with a certified coach
  • Digital resources (Journals, planners, guides, checklists, worksheets, and more)
  • Action-packed, on-demand training
  • Live calls for connection & reflection
  • Live coaching calls
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Private community of like-minded parents

$150+ of continuous, life-changing, monthly value...

....For only $7/month!

With a 7-day refund guarantee


What You'll Learn..

Inside 3 complete programs:

+ Ongoing, added value each month
Chaos to Calm- The Complete A to Z Program

Chaos to Calm – The Complete A to Z

Discover peace with our foundational phase as you conquer stress and overwhelm, equip yourself with tools for clarity, resilience, and commitment, setting the stage for a more balanced and peaceful family life. 

Struggle to CEO - Leadership Inspired Parenting Program

Struggle to CEO – The Leadership-Inspired Program

Transform confusion into confident leadership as you master a proven parenting approach tailored to your leadership style. You'll gain clarity, healthy control, and efficient strategies for creating a peaceful and efficient home.

Complete Connection Blueprint- Parent-Child Bond Mastery Program

Complete Connection Blueprint - The Parent-Child Bond Mastery

Foster an environment of care, trust, and enduring connections with your children. You'll establish lasting peace, unbreakable bonds, and a strong foundation of connection. 


Get Instant Access to Resources Such As...

The Ultimate Parent-Child Bonding Journal

59-page journal of guided prompts, activities, and reflections to deepen your parent-child relationship and build an unbreakable bond through a carefully crafted blend of proven strategies and techniques.

The Essential Christian Parents' Planner

52-page ally for keeping track of everything on your plate, setting goals, tracking your progress, and reflecting on your personal and spiritual growth.


Chaos to Calm: The Christian Parent's 7-Part Success Guide

25-page guide to help you find inner peace, boost confidence, rediscover purpose, strengthen bonds, embrace positivity, achieve balance, and master time-management.

25 Beautiful Boundaries Affirmation Cards

🕊️ These are faithful reminders of how valuable boundaries are in maintaining your peace & balance in all things life and family.


Mindfulness Workbook & Journal

This 33-page resource is designed to help you deepen your mindfulness practice and enhance its benefits through prompts and exercises to reflect on your experiences, develop greater self-awareness, and stay accountable.


The Art of Effective Time Management eBook

12-page eBook focused on boosting productivity and achieving success. You'll learn the importance of effective time management and valuable strategies for optimizing your use of time to accomplish more in your life and family.


& More!


You'll Also Receive Instant Access To:

A Private Community

✔️ Member Networking

✔️ Ongoing Coaching Support & Guidance

✔️ Accountability & Motivation

✔️ Connection & Collaboration With Like-Minded Parents


Certified Coach Support

✔️ Monthly Q&A

✔️ Ongoing Training & Resources

✔️ Community Coaching

✔️ Connection & Coaching Calls

Money back guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, absolutely! We believe in and stand by our programs. So much so, that we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back-guarantee if you feel this isn't right for you.


Trust me, it is possible...

Katy's support has been such a blessing. She's been there through mini-meltdowns and more and is a GREAT coach. I used to give up on myself so easily. She is one in a million, and I'm so glad I have her in my corner.


"Working with Katy has made me so much more self-aware. And my anxiety has dissipated significantly regarding the parenting issues I've been dealing with.


"She's literally the person you want to turn to when you're in need of support. She takes the jumbled mess of your mind and helps you see the solution so clearly.”


"I love the content and the way you share it! What you are teaching has such amazing value! I'm in the "adult children" stage of parenting and I'm getting a lot of great suggestions and reminders even in this stage!”


"The lesson on finding inner peace really helped me. I love that all you do is biblical-based. Thank you for returning me to basics and giving me the tools to feel less guilty. I was looking for ways to have time with the Lord in the busy schedule of being a wife, having 3 kids, being a church leader, and having a part-time job.”


The Calm & Confident Club



  • Self-paced and value-packed training
  • 3 core programs that achieve your goals in easy-to-implement phases
  • A digital resource library of journals, planners, guides, checklists, worksheets, and more
  • A monthly Q&A opportunity to get your questions answered in depth
  • A private community of like-minded parents on the journey with you
  • Ongoing community support with a certified coach
  • 1 LIVE connection call with the community per month
  • 1 LIVE group coaching call per month
  • The ability to request and receive on-demand training for specific issues as they arise
  • Access to new training, resources, and bonuses!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)